Gift Guide: Five Year Olds!

Five year olds are beginning to understand game playing and following game guidelines.  They are exploring patterns and pattern recognition, and are able to do more complex puzzles.  Storytime and imaginative storytelling are a major part of a five year old's development!  Here are some of our favorite picks for five year olds.  

1. Memory Touch Recognition Game:  Reach into the bag and, without looking, can you identify an object by its shape?  Can you feel the bunny's ears, or the car's wheels?  This game is a great tactile exploration of shape recognition!  
2. Under the Water Giant Really Big Floor Puzzle: Clear some space on the floor, your little one will want to solve this beautiful puzzle over and over again!  The finished puzzle measures two feet by three feet, and reveals a beautiful underwater scene.  
3. Wigglefants Stacking Game:  This is a great open-ended toy that can be used in multiple ways!  These colorful wooden elephants can be stacked and balanced in all kinds of configurations.  Challenge your little one to replicate the patterns on the card, or encourage them to build their own balancing creation.  
4. Spin to Play Picnic Game:  Spin to see what you'll bring on your picnic!  This game is a great intro to taking turns, planning a meal, and has truly gorgeous artwork!
5. Fairytale Mix-Up Create a Story Cards:  One of our very favorite products, these story-telling cards can be used in a variety of ways to promote imagination, story-telling skills, sequencing, and language comprehension.