Gift Guide: Four Year Olds!


Four year olds are diving deeper into imaginative play, and are gaining more confidence in their skills!  Here are some of our favorite picks for four year olds.

1. Animals of the World Coloring Roll: This is a fun new twist on a classic coloring book--as your child colors each section, you can unroll more.   They'll love the surprise of what's coming up next!  The finished roll completes a scene, and can even be displayed as a banner!    

2. Doctor's Suitcase:  This high-quality set is made with solid wood pieces, plus a notebook, bandage, and zippered carrying case--perfect for pretend play! 

3. Helicopter Magnet Kit:  Both a helicopter, and a puzzle, this is a great toy for hours of open-ended play!  Your little one can play mechanic by building the helicopter, flying it around, taking it apart, and doing it again! 

4. Owly Clock:  One one side, it's a clock with chunky removable numbers, on the other side, it's a chalkboard for writing messages and drawing the hands of the clock!  This is a great and fun intro to telling time!

5. Let's Bake a Cake! Activity Book:  Crack the eggs, stir the batter, put the cake in the oven, and light the candles!  With multiple interactive elements on each page, this book is a great intro baking.  (You can even sing "Happy Birthday" at the end--your choice!)

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