Gift Guide: Six Year Olds!


Six year olds have mastered a lot of basic skills, and are ready to dive in to more complex games and toys!  They still love pretend play, and can grasp more detailed role playing.  Here are some of our favorite picks for six year olds!

1. Travel Bingo: Car trips can be challenging for little ones, but you can make it a game with Travel Bingo!  Can they spot a stop sign, a cow, a bicycle?  This is a great way for kids to practice observational skills, while staying entertained!

2. It's Showtime!  Pretend Play Set:  Sometimes just a few props can bring a whole new world to life!  This pretend play set includes tickets, show posters, programs, play money, a microphone, and more--to inspire your little one to put on a show of their own creation!

3. Storyblocks:  This set includes fourteen double-sided wooden blocks with all kinds of characters and situations.  The possibilities are endless...choose a couple blocks to tell a short story, or try to incorporate them all.  Kids will enjoy making the narrative leaps between the blocks, using imagination!

4. Slips and Ladders Board Game:  In this beautiful twist on a classic game, Tortoise and Hare game pieces move up and down and all around the game board...climbing ladders, and falling down slips!  

5. Snail Sprint!: This cleverly-designed game uses the tin packing box as a 3D racetrack...magnetic snails climb over the box in a race to the finish!  

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