Gift Guide: Three Year Olds!

By age Three, a child is starting to engage in pretend play!  The best toys for a three year old encourage pretend play,  problem solving, and color/letter/number recognition.  Here are a few of our favorite picks for three year olds. 

1. Airplane Magnet Kit:  This is both a toy and a magnetic puzzle!  Six magnetic pieces click into place to build a plane. 

2. Creative Peg Puzzle:  This is a beautiful open-ended toy that promotes logic and problem solving abilities, sorting, and color recognition.  Made out of solid wood pieces for a toy that will last for years.  

3. Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set: Play dishes are one of the best toys for imaginative play!  Kids will love "cooking," "serving," and "eating" over and over again with this beautiful, solid wood set.

4. Chunky Alphabet Puzzle: This puzzle is a tactile introduction to the alphabet! Chunky, richly colored letters can be stacked like blocks, used to spell words, and used as a puzzle, all promoting letter recognition and building early literacy skills.

5. Town Maze Magnetic Game: Great for building fine motor skills, concentration, and early STEM skills!  This is also a great toy for car travel, as all pieces are contained inside.  

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