Gift Guide: Two Year Olds!

Two Year Olds are Terrific!  They are learning how to speak in full sentences, grasp cause and effect, and they're starting to engage in imaginative play.  Are you shopping for a toddler?  Here are some gifts that will give them a developmental boost, plus hours of fun!  

1. Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards:  These chunky cards feature a letter of the alphabet on one side (in upper and lower case), and a beautifully-illustrated animal on the other.  This is a great way to start learning letters, animals, and color recognition, and can be arranged in many different ways during open play! 

2. Capture Fun Camera:  This is a great toy for imaginative play... push the red button to "take a picture" and gaze through the prism to see the world in a whole new way!

3. First Words Tot Tower Stacking Blocks: These blocks are one of the best toys for hours of open ended play!  Made of sturdy yet lightweight gray board, they can be stacked tall, knocked down, and they won't hurt anyone or anything.  Two year olds will love building a tower that's as tall as they are!  

4. Farmyard Peg Puzzle: This colorful puzzle is just right for a two year old...the pegs make the pieces easy to grasp, and silhouettes on the board promote shape recognition.  

5. Rainmaker Colors and Sounds: This fascinating toy creates whooshing rain noises as the colorful balls fall from one side to the next, then flip it over and play the other side!  The noise this toy makes is soft and gentle--it won't drive the adults crazy!  Also a great toy for car travel, since all parts are contained. 

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